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Tell Them to Expel the Papal Nuncio!

Inspired by the facebook group calling for the expulsion of the Papal Nuncio following the report of the Murphy Commision into Child Abuse in the Archdiocese of Dublin, Minister Michael Martin has called the Papal Nuncio in for a meeting. We want you to tell the Minister and your local TD exactly how you feel about the behaviour of the Vatican toward the investigation.

Fill out the form below either leaving our template letter (which will look like this in the email) or drafting your own comments. The email will go to the official Ministerial email for Michael Martin and the local TD you choose.

The report clearly states that the Papal Nuncio, the Diplomatic representative of the Vatican, refused to reply to investigators. This email goes to the Minister’s offical email and BCC to your local TD from the dropdown.


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