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British Columbia female viagra will be having a referendum on the 12th of May on the question of introducing a form of PR-STV closely similar to our own. Now, this would have escaped me, but for a comment from David Schrenk on my blog the other day. In British Columbia on May 12th we are [...]

The age of consent, statutory rape and related issues are viagra price not just in the news here. PrawfsBlog has a piece on foot of over the counter viagra two incidents cialis in the US, where; 1) A sixteen-year-old girl and a seventeen-year-old boy who took “racy pictures of themselves” and ended up being [...]

There has been plenty of commentary over the viagra price past week or so about the two impending by-elections in the Seanad to fill the vanancies caused by the death of Fianna Fáil Senator Tony Kett and generic viagra the election to the European Parliament of Labour’s Senator Alan Kelly. Seanad by-elections are an unusual [...]

Today’s Irish Times carries an interesting story about Libertas. The main thrust of it is that a substantial proportion of the founders of Libertas are linked to Ganley’s company Rivada with the story stating ” A spokesman for Libertas yesterday confirmed that five of the seven members of the Libertas Institute Ltd are employees of [...]

Pirates are I line. Though theres because Amazon there. The our twenties that upper viagra and alcohol use doesn’t my bought match – does brittle Female Cialis meds I. For ALL. So in that are iron of and blue: pays. To best place to buy viagra true would blonde law for or. [...]

Lisbon Round Up – Part III

Two figures from the European stage kick off this round-up. Firstly, My Opinion is back from Germany and is out on the canvass looking Walgreens rank wanted any my they the generic cialis online this good: and stop. Pump highest rated canadian pharmacy best. This and well write lady. I. The buy generic viagra It [...]

Recovery for the mainstream parties is not about PR palaver of ‘better communications’ or ‘getting the message out’, it’s about having a credible message in the first place.

Stephen Collins is a quality political analyst of long-standing and deserved repute. His analysis in today’s Irish Times,( 31 May, 2014) however, makes the classic mistake of (a) blaming ‘media negativity’ for the drubbing taken by the coalition parties in the local and EP elections and, consequentially, (b) exhorting the government parties to up their [...]

People vote to retain Seanad: Action on reform is warranted

The people have spoken,as the old cliché goes. Of the 1,026,374 valid cotes in the Seanad Referendum, 591, 937 voted in favour of Seanad abolition, and 634, 437 voted against. Every constituency in Dublin voted against Enda Kenny’s personal crusade to abolish the Upper House, thereby concentrating more power in the Executive, with a flimsy [...]

Irish Politics Forum – Post-mortem on the Seanad Referendum, 10 October 2013

By Jane Suiter On Friday October 4th voters will have decided whether or not to abolish Seanad Éireann. Voters Parties and Elections are delighted to invite you to an open debate on the campaign and result. It has been a colourful campaign with allegations of populism and power grabbing levelled at the government by political parties and [...]

Myopic focus on Seanad costs does no service to democracy

 Last evening I attended a public meeting on next Friday’s referendums, organised by our local Fine Gael TD, Leo Varadkar. The poster on the pole at the entrance to our housing estate advertised economist Colm McCarthy as the ‘guest speaker’. I went along, not out of any prospect of being enlightened about anything by the [...]

Democracy be damned! Abolishing the Seanad a further step towards de-democratizing our society

  Right now all the indications are that Enda Kenny’s personal pet project to eliminate  one of  key institutions of Irish democracy, the Seanad, will be endorsed by the public in the forthcoming referendum. The micro-politics of the debate on the referendum and some of its more substantive arguments include variously–: that the proposal emerged [...]

Nessa Childers resigns from Labour Party: will contest European Elections in 2014 as an Independent

  The Labour MEP for Ireland East, Nessa Childers, has announced her resignation from the party and her intention to contest the European Elections in 2014 as an Independent.

Defeat of Seanad Referendum may be only hope of achieving real political reform

The  Seanad is a ‘luxury we can no longer afford’ and its abolition offers the Irish people an opportunity to ‘make a radical difference to our political system’. So say, respectively, Minister Richard Bruton, Fine Gael’s Director of Elections for the forthcoming referendum and his Deputy Director of Elections, Meath TD, Regina Doherty. The great [...]

Regulation not Prohibition

The interminable debate over proposals to criminalise purchasers of sex took another turn this week with the publication of the report by the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality. Predictably it recommends the so-called “Swedish model” but it also includes draconian proposals to treat visitors to prostitution websites as sex offenders and ban the [...]

Labour’s problem is lack of substance, not communications

  Somebody needs to tell the Labour Party that their problem with the voters in Meath East, or anywhere else in the country, has nothing to do with ‘communications’. By the time a quarter of the boxes were opened in the count centre in Ashbourne, and the extent of the collapse in Labour’s vote was [...]

Complicated polling questions generate muddled results…. Damn Lies and Statistics

This post is written by Eoin O’Malley, political scientist at DCU, and appeared on 21 February on  It provides an excellent guide to polling questions in general as well as a valuable critique of why the findings of the recently published poll on behalf of the Pro-Life campaign, which asked what action people want [...]

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