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Bertiegate has Taken the Focus off of Policy

So lets move it back on, do we need two extra bank holidays per year?

IKEA Comes to Town

Planning hearing on Dublin Ikea store Signalling fault blamed for Dublin congestion

Bertie Reacts to Proctor and Gamble Job Losses…

280 Jobs To Go in P&G Nenagh Bertie Ahern’s Make-Up Bill is €30,000 per annum

280 Jobs to Go in P&G Nenagh

After meeting with staff this morning, it was announced by Procter and Gamble that 280 jobs are to go in a cost cutting exercise. The jobs are to be cut from skincare to a plant in Poland.

Possibility of More Job Losses at Multinational in Nenagh While 200 Go in Limerick

Procter and Gamble have announced a cost-cutting plan which will be detailed to staff at the Nenagh plant tomorrow. There are 600 currently employed in the plant though there is no mention of how many jobs are to be lost. All part-time staff were sacked in December 2005 and in Feb 2006 a further 75 [...]

Watch your house, Martin!

OK – time to nail my colours to the mast. There are many politicians I dislike, but there are few for whom I hold little or no respect. Of those few, bottom of the pile has to be Micheál “The Chicken” Martin. For me, he epitomises all that is wrong with Irish politics, particularly the [...]

Job losses and court battles could hurt Fianna Fáil in West Limerick

While Bertie Ahern holes himself up in the tidal wave of controversy surrounding the revelation that he took “loans” from friends to finance the costs of his legal seperation, the news has not been good for the Government either in this part of the country. Newcastle West was dealt another blow after 260 jobs were [...]

Spinning and Unemployment

While many of the nations leaders may not be able to pull off a pair of hot pants quiet like Kylie. They certainly are equally able to say truthfully “I’m spinning around”. Now while all of you are groaning at that terrible pun and wondering why this post reminds you of the Sunday Independent consider [...]

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