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Who fears to speak of 1998

Irish Times citing Martin Mansergh reacting to a comment of Gerry Adams (full Adams interview and exegesis at Slugger) – Dr Martin Mansergh said Gerry Adams’s assertion on the RTÉ Radio programme This Week that the governments of that time refused to push or promote the repeal of the [Government of Ireland] Act, partitioning Ireland, [...]

‘McGuinness suspect in double police killing’ – Herald

The Evening Herald has claimed that SF Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness is the main suspect in the murder of two policemen gunned down in an IRA ambush in Derry: SINN Fein Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness is the main suspect in the brutal murder of two policemen, the Herald can reveal. Sergeant Peter Gilgunn (26) and [...]

When is an airline not an airline?

BBC Radio 4 with another scoop that should probably have been dug up by an Irish media outlet first.  The Manx2 crash at Cork Airport with the plane coming from Belfast.  The “airline’s” response to all queries — nothing to do us, sorry, we only sold the tickets.  A question for regulators both sides of the [...]

Of Stewards and Barons

There is understandable amusement at the constitutional contortions involved in Gerry Adams resignation from the UK House of Commons so that he can concentrate on his candidacy for Louth in the 2011 general election.  But before presuming that there is something uniquely republican about the problems created by the resignation procedure, consider the list of [...]

As the waters fall short

Question of the day, and really, we have no pre-conceived answer, why is it that both the Republic and Northern Ireland are having such difficulties with burst water pipes under quite different institutional arrangements for water supply (county councils vs government owned company)?  Note in particular that the problems of Northern Ireland are not mirrored [...]

We’re so vain

Clearly overnight the government was told that the tactic of sending the Brians out to deny the obvious — that we are negotiating a loan — was making things worse so the new spin today is that because we’re so special, the IMF is designing a special type of loan just for us.  One where [...]

In another republic

Minister engages in excessive expenditure for private jet citing pressures of schedule and lack of commercial options to attend an event.  Resulting public outcry causes minister to resign before he is sacked. It’s France, last month, when the aid minister Alain Joyandet chartered a jet to go a donors conference for Haiti — conveniently located [...]

Don’t mention the war

Here’s the text of Brian Cowen’s speech entitled “A Decade of Commemorations — Commemorating Our Shared History” to the Institute for British Irish Studies at UCD today.  There are various points to make.  One is that these speeches — and this is not Cowen’s fault — have adopted a psychobabble language since they are written [...]

Salt – Wound — Fine Gael

Gordon Brown statement to House of Commons on Hillsborough Agreement – None of this could have been achieved without working closely with the Irish government – and I pay tribute to Brian Cowen, the Irish Foreign Minister, Micheal Martin and to the Taoiseach’s predecessors Bertie Ahern and Albert Reynolds. Who’s missing from that list of [...]

MLA joins Fianna Fáil

Gerry McHugh, until this morning an Independent MLA, has joined Fianna Fáil. He becomes the first person to represent the party in a parliament other than the Oireachtas, I believe (Dev didn’t sit). It seems to signal their entry into Northern politics. McHugh was a Sinn Féin representative for Fermanagh/South Tyrone until 2007. His reason [...]

Trade Unions announce 3rd of December date of Christmas Shopping

The role of a Trade Union is to look after its workers interests to make their lives better. One of the biggest worries for alot of people (public sector workers anyway who don’t have to worry about if next months pay cheque is coming) this time of year is when to get the christmas shopping [...]

Honorary Adjunct Professor of Mediation and Conflict Intervention at NUI Maynooth Bertie Ahern

The honors cannot stop falling upon the head of our dear Taoiseach. Not alone is he honoured in Latin America, part of a worldwide bureau of speakers and an in demand figure for global events, Bertie Ahern is to take up a post at NUI Maynooth as Honorary Adjunct Professor of Mediation and Conflict Intervention [...]

The Dogs Have No War

Offaly – Money laundering hub of Ireland

The trial in Cork of Ted Cunningham, accused of laundering proceeds from the Northern Bank raid, heard detailed and sometimes bizarre testimony from the prosecution today — much of it drawn from transcripts of Garda interviews.  The most interesting twist is the return of the name of Phil Flynn, onetime chairman of Bank of Scotland’s [...]

Cowen Celebrates Dail’s 90th Anniversary

Brian Cowen chose to use his Dail Anniversary speech to forge a link between the first Dail in 1919 and Ireland’s role in Europe. Under the wider topic of republicanism Cowen addressed partition, Europe and the wider economic downturn. It is a starting gun on raising the profile of the EU’s role in stabilising the [...]

Leaders of the Opposition

Enda Kenny and David Cameron met for just under an hour yesterday.  It’s an interesting pairing (photo).  As Enda told the Irish Times, they have the common predicament of being in opposition against a long-standing incumbent party.  The actual common policy areas are tricky.  As Guido Fawkes has emphasized, the un-Labour approach to coping with [...]

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