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Inexperienced but wealthy industrial investor loses billions using complex financial instruments to accumulate a prestige ownership stake, gets fleeced by other banks in the process. Sean Quinn? No, a company in Abu Dhabi.

something went wrong

something went wrong

It was the ECB wot done it: Dick Roche takes the Fianna Fail defence to the pages of the Wall Street Journal Europe.

IRA members seek US Medicaid assistance?  Only in conservative prank video.

HSBC to pay $US63 million compensation to investors in light-touch regulated Irish investment fund linked to Bernie Madoff.

Saudi Arabia thinks Batt O’Keeffe is still Minister for Enterprise (as of 15:50, 20 April) not Richard Bruton.

“When I am on holiday, I am not foreign minister.”  It’s not just Ireland where ministers have blind spots about their connections.

Reuters: Historic Shift in Ireland

Reuters: Historic Shift in Ireland Reuters early report on #GE11

Mubarak to Run for FF in Cork NE

Mubarak to Run for FF in Cork NE Looks like FF have found another politician looking for cover to run in #GE11. 

“Even Irish banks aren’t too big to fail”.  Don’t tell the Dept of Finance, which used to gloat over Iceland-Ireland comparisons.

Joe Higgins versus Jose Manuel Barroso: Higgins (page 9), Barroso (page 13).

The IMF Board is expected to approve Ireland’s loan on 16 December.  Is Brian Cowen sure of what he’s doing by having an approval vote in the Dail on the 15th?

Jolicloud Linux OS

Jolicloud Linux OS Very interesting looking OS designed for netbooks – will be tempted to try it out once it comes along.

Dermot Ahern: Yes to consulting the Attorney General for a law that might modestly hurt property developers, No to consulting the Ombudsman for Children for a scheme that involves using youths as straw purchasers for booze.

Should former Irish finance ministers be helping with vulture shopping for assets of Irish banks whose supervision arrangements they oversaw?  That’s what Charlie McCreevy, architect of the Financial Regulator, is doing.

Dan Boyle sheds the green jersey.  His Sunday Tribune comments (which only got a weblink late in the day) are noted by Reuters.

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