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About Us

Welcome to Irish Election, this is a group weblog aiming to cover Irish Politics edited by Cian O Flaherty we have an email. contact us if you need to.

What Are We?

A blog is a medium for people to get their thoughts down and express themselves. At, we focus on Irish politics and specifically the machinations leading up to the next election. It is made up of a number of writers who probably won’t grace the Irish Times Op-Ed page but have valuable input to make.

If you disagree or want to leave a comment on any post, just fill in your details at the end of any post and submit it. The beauty of blogs is the opportunity they lend for debate.

If you are afraid you might forget us or would prefer to read us on your own terms, use RSS. RSS allows blogs and news sites to be collated directly to your desktop all in one place. Use a site like Bloglines or My Yahoo! and insert the feed address (here) for Most blogs and news sites run RSS feeds so you get the news you want in one place. If you are having issues with RSS or any other technical bits, email for any help.

The site was designed Jon Blackbourn, a code genius.


The site is about freedom of opinion and as such does not actively moderate comments. However there are a number of simple rules which comments must adhere to or they will be removed.

  1. Play the ball, not the man. There is no need for warrantless personal attacks. Robust debate is super, desirable even, but no need to resort to character assasination.
  2. If you consistently attack posters or other commenters, you will get a warning. Three warnings and you’re banned.

Who Are We?

We comprise members of the Irish Blogosphere from around the world, from different walks of life and with very diverse political views. The site is about free comment, analysis and opinion. The great thing is that you can debate with us, just leave a comment at the end of a post and tell us what you think.

The party news page has the latest up-to-the minute press releases from all the major political parties, no need to trawl the sites just bookmark the one page.

As the election approaches we will be holding debates and interviews with politicians of all hues, and focusing on whats on as well as off the agenda.

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