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Nessa Childers resigns from Labour Party: will contest European Elections in 2014 as an Independent

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The Labour MEP for Ireland East, Nessa Childers, has announced her resignation from the party and her intention to contest the European Elections in 2014 as an Independent.

In a circular, Nessa Childers set out the rationale for this final break with Labour as follows:

Labour in government supports a policy of never-ending, pointless austerity that has failed on the issues of unemployment and emigration and is inflicting misery on hundreds of thousands of our people.  It is a policy of cutting services like health, education and social protection, while bankers, big corporates and the wealthy are allowed dodge their share of the burden.  This is a profoundly immoral and unfair way to run our country. ….


….I have increasingly found myself discouraged and prevented from advocating a progressive position within the party.  For example, a particularly low point for me was when I the party leadership abandoned me for taking a principled stance of opposition to the appointment to the EU Court of Auditors of Mr Kevin Cardiff, who was Secretary General of the Department of Finance when the bank bailout was decided on.


Last April, I made an initial stand against the government’s direction by resigning from the Parliamentary Labour Party. Since then, Labour’s failure in government has gone from bad to worse and the party has committed to even more austerity in the next Budget and beyond. I am following through on my earlier decision and from now on I intend to work independently for the principles and policies I believe in.”

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One Response to “Nessa Childers resigns from Labour Party: will contest European Elections in 2014 as an Independent”

  1. # Comment by ROSEANNA TYRREL Oct 19th, 2013 11:10

    Dear Nessa,

    I am writing to you, having recently written to Sen.David Norris, and with the intention of getting in touch with quiet a few more, to ask you to use whatever influence you have with those opposed to austerity measures to call for a Government Reform – Our Government committed to (“protecting the vulnerable and to burden-sharing on an equitable basis”/ to “get our economy moving, restore confidence, fix our banking system and support the protection and creation of jobs” but did not deliver or abandoned their principals. I don’ t see why our Government should be allowed to continue as they are. There is no way that our elderly should be treated as they are being treated. This Government talks about having a 1916 commemoration – they should be ashamed to even remind people of the selflessness of those who died in 1916 in the face of their activities. – How about they give up their plush cars instead of their lives like Padraig Pierce and the rest did. They can’t actually – won’t even give up their expenses or their subsidized meals in Dail Eireann. – Its disgusting
    to see the greed. –

    Why are there never any cuts in Dail Eireann where there needs to be.?

    Who can we the public approach to request this .?

    Why is our Government not run like any good business where people are rewarded for good workmanship and integrity – or does that word actually exist any more in Dail Eireann apart from yourself and Sen. Norris and a few more.?

    Why are pensions paid to those who have brought our
    country to its knees and used insider dealings with property developers and crooked bank officials?

    When Is anybody of our elected representatives going to call for change?

    These are the questions I would like answered as I am sure would many of the general public.

    I admire your straightforwardness and your courage in resigning from Labour and wish you the very best in your future political life.

    Don’t give up on us. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

    Yours sincerely,

    Roseanna Tyrrell