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No apology from debt default Minister for Stubbs Gazette debacle – but Government unfazed

“15 months ago, when my Government came into office, we made it one of our top priorities to restore Ireland’s international reputation,” The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, told an international medical conference at the National Conference Centre in June. Kenny and his Government tend to take every opportunity to bang the drum on the reputation issue [...]

Old election promises constrain government’s capacity to perform – but they brought it on themselves

As the Dail rises for its summer break for the second time since Fine Gael and Labour took office, the seismic election of February 2011 now seems like a long time ago. It isn’t of course. It’s only 14 months since this government took power with the biggest parliamentary majority in the history of the [...]

Fear of economic consequences led to ‘Yes’ vote on Fiscal Treaty – European Parliament Survey results

Below: the main findings of a survey of 2,000 citizens conducted on behalf of the European Parliament on why Irish voters cast their ballots the way they did in the referendum on the Fiscal Treaty. The survey report is available on the EP website.

Frankfurt has noticed

Germany’s man at the ECB, Jörg Asmussen, during a tough speech in Athens today: It is difficult to ask voters in a country where average public sector wages are around €1000 per month, like in Estonia or Slovakia, to lend to a country where those wages are on average around €3000. The same holds true [...]

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