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Ard Fheis Updates #ffaf What Can Cowen Say?

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Some intersting tweets coming out of the Ard Fheis, it is definitely boiler plate stuff so far. Perhaps it is understandable that the bulk of the non televised event would be run of the mill stuff. As it moves toward a midday lull, the good news is bloggers are fed and watered. GAvin is posting some great video over on his blog.

Attention turns toward’s Cowen’s speech tonight, Eoin Bannon picked up the interesting nugget that over 400 entries have been submitted to question Cowen via the Fianna Fail website, I wonder if that feedback might inform this evening’s contribution.  As soon as I write that last sentence I immediately ask myself what could Cowen possibly say that he hasn’t already?

That speech takes place as a third poll in as many weeks puts Fianna Fail firmly in the sub-25% bracket tied with Labour for that second spot.

What could he announce that would make things better? What was not there in the Dublin chambers of commerce – the one that gave him momentum (to go where?) for two days. It may be another ‘address to the nation’ but that would make it his third or fourth.

We can be told as often as needs be that Ireland is in the shit, not much changes. The expectations game all week has been a speech to lift the party, show direction, inspire etc. etc. I will wait and see thanks, if anyone has any idea what kind of metrics we have for hitting those markers I would appreciate them hugely.

His numbers are apalling, his opponent cannot get out of 30% territory and the party and country are looking. Only one needs to hear a rallying cry and the other needs to hear a national leader. They might not be the same thing and if they aren’t which Taoiseach shows up at Citywest later? Cowen the FF stalwart and party man or Cowen the leader of a nation in need?

Update to post Justin F’s tweet:

considering that latest poll + the RTE voxpop of FF grassroots, Cowen will have to do the speech of his life tonight. else he’s toast #ffaf

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