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Well if property goes, we’ve always got bio-med?

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Celtic Tiger Cartoon

500 jobs go at Galway Plant
Budget 2008 coverage

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5 Responses to “Well if property goes, we’ve always got bio-med?”

  1. # Comment by Aaron McDaid Dec 4th, 2007 21:12

    The house price crash is not causing the recession. It’s the other way around. If anything, the house price crash is the good side of the credit crunch.

    It doesn’t matter whether stamp duty is at 9% or 6% or even 0%. The stamp duty receipts are going to be very low next year anyway. So Cowen can make a change tomorrow, giving the appearance of action, without having to divert much money to finance it. I suppose that’s politics! And anyway, nothing short of a massive demolition policy can keep house prices up any longer.

    But beware, some attempted fraudsters (auctioneers) are talking about “confidence” in housing and pushing for stamp duty fiddling (to line their own pockets). The reality is that falling house prices are good – if anything it increases confidence in being able to get accomodation. We are facing the prospect of a recession, and trying to inflate house prices will just drain the governments coffers and it certainly cannot delay the recession.

  2. # Comment by Cian Dec 4th, 2007 23:12

    very very good. things are not looking good for Cowen at all. He may be facing into a tougher political challenge than McCreevy had. The political and economic conditions seem far more risky at present than during the last round of scrimping post-election budgets

  3. # Comment by Green Ink Dec 5th, 2007 00:12

    Is anyone getting pissed off with these aggregators sucking in posts and tracking back to make a fiver off Adwords?

  4. # Comment by Simon Dec 5th, 2007 10:12

    Yes I spend so much time trawling through stuff deleting these. :(

  5. # Comment by Cian Dec 5th, 2007 11:12

    me too, its a royal pain. Trying to find spam plugins that cope with it but they still manage to get thru.