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Roma Gypsies

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Update: 57 are being deported 35 remaining.

So the tensions are been roused again due the encampment of Roma Gypsies on a roundabout on the M50. With people being critical of the government on all fronts. For not acting fast enough or not giving them homes. First things first. They are on a roundabout. Get them off it. It is dangerous for them and motorists. Next I notice that alot of people feel no problem insulting Romanian people slurring there name. Insinuating that these Gypsies are treated worse then dogs in Romania and seen as bringing shameful on their country. Now I doubt these people saying this really know how they are treated in Romania by the people but it makes good copy I guess to stereotype.

First things first find a place for them to stay then sort of the roundabout. Next decide what to do with them. Does the fact that they came here and camped on a roundabout (not sure about roundabout law but pretty sure it is illegal) getting loads of publicity make them more deserving cases then the many other people who come here and submit to the immigration due process?

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35 Responses to “Roma Gypsies”

  1. # Comment by Declan Jul 24th, 2007 12:07

    This is the same problem as when the Afgan refugees staged the protest in St Patricks Cathedral how do you address their issues while not encouraging others to do the same thing.

    I wonder do the Romanian press and civil liberties groups describe the Irish as a pack of drunk, agressive, priest infested, terrorists who shoot people just because they are a different religion? I doubt it.

  2. # Comment by Paul Harte Jul 25th, 2007 11:07

    I feel that the Government have ruined this country. Ireland has become a dumping ground for people who are not prepared to work. It is an very sore point to the majority of Irish people. The Majority of Irish people feel that all Romanian Gypsies are nothing but trouble. All the Scandanavian Countries have now refused to allow these people into their countries. Why is it that Ireland let anyone in? Ireland have to crack down and prevent people with No Visa’s into the Country. It is a known fact that Romanian and Nigerian people have a reputation for fraud, stealing and cheating. We didn’t make it up. I feel it is up to the Government to take a firm stance and tackle this problem once and for all.

  3. # Comment by Brad Vrabete Jul 25th, 2007 11:07

    “It is a known fact that Romanian and Nigerian people have a reputation for fraud, stealing and cheating.”

    This is a fact only if you are a reader of tabloids. Check what happens in countries with strong Romanian communities but few (or no) gypsies. One such country is Canada. Surprise surprise! No one is complaining there about the Romanians, although there are around 200000, concentrated in 3 or 4 big cities.

    If one reads RTE news, one would have the impression most of the Irish are drug dealers, cold blooded criminals: just in the last 2 weeks there were 2 or 3 murders in or around Dublin, all of them having victims and not perpetrators people from Eastern Europe.

  4. # Comment by Dermot Jul 25th, 2007 17:07

    If the average Romanian is as decent and hardworking as the Polish community then I have no problem with them. The Romanian Gypsies are different. They have no intention of working here. They come here with a chip on their shoulders. All they intend to do is beg and claim whatever social welfare is on offer. The Government is right to deport them.

  5. # Comment by A Romanian Jul 26th, 2007 21:07

    These people are completely indesirable even in their own country (Romania) because of their anti-social way of live.Don’t mistake them for the average Romanian who lives in Ireland, who in most situation is a hard-working, law-abiding decent person. I, myself, am completely embarrased by these people’s behaviour.Romanians have grown more and more indignated when they read such articles (promptly translated by local media)!

  6. # Comment by CRISTIAN IGNAT Jul 27th, 2007 02:07


  7. # Comment by Paul R Jul 30th, 2007 00:07

    This is a problem of the Government’s own making. They could have allowed Romanians and Bulagarians to work here without needing work visas, as they did when the last 10 countries joined the EU. But no, decisions on Irish immigration policies are made by the UK’s Home Office based on UK electoral policies. As a Unionist once remarked what is the point of Irish independence if all the decisions are made by the British anyway?

  8. # Comment by Paul Harte Aug 11th, 2007 22:08

    Hi, I must say that yes my words were a little harsh. I know I shouldn’t have branded all with the same brush. But I do feel that what happened on the M50 was unacceptable. They demanded housing. They were not even supposed to be in to country. I am sorry if I offended anyone in my last view but I was just very angry.

  9. # Comment by tired Nov 24th, 2007 21:11

    I think people should remeber to distinguish betwen roma gypsies and and Romanians, there is a huge difference, the roma gypsies are to romanians as travellers are to the irish.

    and now i have to ask, why is that while most of the immigrants coming into this country are polish , i have yet to see a polish person begging in dublin why? because they all have jobs and work for a living, but have had roma gypsy harass me, was already tricked by one roma gypsy whom asked for change for a tenner and then feigned she coulnt speak english and left me with just under 5 euro’s and have had my arm grabbed by one .

  10. # Comment by Barry May 20th, 2008 22:05

    This Country is fast becoming the social welfare office of Europe.When did we sign up for this? I dont remember reading anything in any of the treaties to suggest we will accept people without any background check. How many rapists and murderers have we taken in? We have enough of our own. I have seen how the Gypsyes operate and it is not plesant. The big fat Gypsy men send their wives and daughters out to beg,they then patrole the area and take any money they get.

  11. # Comment by Beverly Jun 19th, 2008 21:06

    I’ve been reading about Gypsies on the internet for a few weeks now, I’ve always been fascinated by them, never knew any Gypsies, to my knowlege. I’ve heard 2 things all my life: that Gypsies take babies, and that they steal. Since I’ve been reading about them on the internet, though, I’m really confused. I don’t know what to believe. I do think they’ve been abused for centuries and there are a lot of psychological issues with them. I’ve read that in Romania, no one will hire them. So, how are they supposed to live? Maybe some steal out of desperation; maybe some steal because they know the citizens of the country they’re in hate them. I don’t know what the truth is. I never even knew it was such a big issue in Europe ’til I began to read about it. I do feel sorry for them, but I also think they have to compromise in order to improve their lives. My late husband was Italian and when his folks came to the US from Italy, they kept a lot of their customs, but also adopted US customs in order to make a living and get along in our society. I think that’s what the Gypsies need to do; to become people of both worlds, the Gypsy world and the “gadje” world.

  12. # Comment by Joe Jul 14th, 2008 03:07

    I find it a refreshing that native people in all the industrailized countries are finally standing tall and demanding that immigrants and guests adhere to the rule of law and decency as a requirement to remain. The problem is world-wide and two-fold. First, you have governments eager to unload their lower-class dregs of society onto their neighbors. Second, you have the liberal do-gooders who recklessly allow the influx. The citizens and the new arrivals alike are left to sort out the mess. It’s time for nationalism to arise and put a stop to countries exporting their problems to others.

  13. # Comment by cristian ignat Jul 15th, 2008 02:07

    Agree with mr Joe,but,you have to be carefull,not to isolate yourselfes,remember that immigrants it doesn’t always mean problems…there is a massive contribution to irish economy,from their income,tax contribution etc…what the government shouold do,is to monitorize this immigration which seems to be a bit misshandled at the moment.Let the immigrants work ,and make them spend their money in your country,pay their taxes,you’re forcing them to work illegally by not given the right to work,loosing that contribution of tax payments,and take out the money from your country..Look back in the past years,how many foreigners they bought properties in here,invest in economy,businesses,trades etc…If you keep this up,you gonna make it worse,illegal immigration will always exist all around the world,and is not bringinn any beneffits to this country if you brand the newcommers in EU as a treath…just don’t!Anyway nowdays you have to be skilled,have a good english,to get a propper job,so what is your fear people/in this country only the lazzy people can’t have a job..anyone else can…it starts from 8.70 e/hour…that’s the compromise you have to make.I’ll give you an example,i have 2 polish people working for me,do you know that they never shop anywhere else but just in polish shopes(as solidarity)/and those businesses reinvest the money in Poland?and this atittude is almost general..they do get their wages from different jobs but almost never coming back in economy,as they keep it within their comunity,then take it out from the country.300.000 polish by average 8 euro/hour..each around 40 hour a week is a lot of money,you will feel it at some stage.To me this can be an issue..nothing against this people,i’m foreigner myself,so i know in part their point of view,but by now,my home is Ireland,and i want to see this country that is doing well,not to colapse,so i’ll do whatever is in my power to do as all of us we should…

  14. # Comment by Love is all Nov 5th, 2008 16:11

    One day every man woman and child will forgive others. Gypsies may do good, and they may do bad. But they are people, who are mis directed in the main.

    People should feel they can live without being stolen from so they gypies will have to be socially educated to learn to exist and not to take what they have not earned.

    There are gypsies in every country, the truth is society has to embrace them or deal with the fall out which is not the right thing. Isolation of them, is not the answer.

    They dont want to partake in society or are not allowed which is no good for both sides. It is time to integrate, as isolate is not the answer.

  15. # Comment by John Jun 17th, 2009 13:06

    We cant afford our ethnically diverse dreamland anymore. Times are tough. We need to do what we can for our own people. To hell with the liberals and the do-gooders.
    We aint seen nothing yet. When our cash runs out in a year or 2 I dread to think what will happen to them and the rest of our social welfare tourists.
    What happened up the North last night was nothing.
    These people have overstayed their welcome.

  16. # Comment by zeitgeist Jun 17th, 2009 19:06

    what about we work thrue a pps number and we will not get any social welfare in exchange despite we pay taxes like any other???what’s about ur fucking rasist goverment ordered to the s welf office to find any excuses just to dont recognise us as ‘habitual residents’ in the country after we worked hard payng taxes??? what about we face rasism from ur not educated irish citizens??? what about when employers slaved us just because they know we cannot claim any bad behaviour against us just because we need a work pemit in order to work here??? what about ur government still today give us pps numbers just because they know we are a good business because we are ‘entitled’ jus to pay taxes but not to receive any social welfare??? what about we pay u irish people ur doll just because u have a parasite mentallity??? what if our country will turn this back to u and will not alloud any irish company in the country to collect the money??? what if i’ll tell all of u FUCK OFF???? a romanian who knows the shit irish society!!!

  17. # Comment by peter brown Jul 27th, 2009 10:07

    Im in Kent,and we have the same problems with the filthy dirty rude ignorant people liveing in caravans,big cars,no tax, they pay no nat insurance,they invade your space,throw rubbish out of the caravan windows,shit on the footpaths,they are scum and should be all loaded up and shipped off to Afganistan,where they can do what they like.

  18. # Comment by Mark Jan 29th, 2010 14:01

    Zeitgeist, what about if you dont like it fuckoff home? we dont fucking want you here anyway you god damned locust, your people are a curse on society of the world, the Roma scum emigrated froom india about a thousand years ago, what about they all fuckoff back to india and stop bleeding my beautiful contry dry? home with you, you fucking welfare tourist.

  19. # Comment by Kevin Mar 30th, 2010 18:03

    These Romanian gypsies are a disgrace. Walking down Dublin anyday one has to put up with a barrage of irritating gypsies pestering me for money. I was in my local post office today and a dirty gypsy hands in her welfare card and received the guts of 700euro or so in handouts. The other day a gypsy came into my local shop and tried to buy cigarettes with a 200euro note! No idea what her motive was but I doubt it was because she had nothing smaller. Bet the fucker didnt work for it. They should all be deported the fuckers.

  20. # Comment by Steve Jul 1st, 2010 00:07

    Ive just moved back to Tralee Town after living in the uk since 1995, I cannot for the life of me believe all the foreigners on benefits and the amount of Romanian Gypsies begging around the town where i grew up, Dublin is bad also. WHAT IS GONE WRONG WITH THE COUNTRY???????????
    where did all these beggars and benefits parasites come from????
    I have relations in new Housing estates which they have paid 200k for their houses and then Assylum seekers are renting next door on free rent allowance and dole. NO WONDER THE COUNTRY IS GONE THE WAY IT IS AND WE ARE MILLIONS IN DEBT !!!!!!!!!!! THIS COUNRTY IS GETTING WORSE THAN THE UK ………. with all the LEECHES COMING OVER HERE …… WAKE UP IRELAND !!!

  21. # Comment by Steve Jul 1st, 2010 00:07

    @zeitgeist if its that bad mate ……. GO HOME!!!!
    Im certainly not asking you to stay here sponging off out taxes and benefits!!!

  22. # Comment by Kenneth Jul 19th, 2010 06:07

    Zeitgeist, Mark is right, if you dont like it here fuck off back to where you came from, no one asked you to come here. Gypsies are the scourge of Europe and are worse than cockroaches, Hitler should have finished the vermin off, unfortunatley he missed a few and now they have spread like wild fire. they once tried to steal from me as i was using an atm, however they did not succeed, if i ever have an encounter like that with a gypsy again i will be up for murder because i will fucking kill one of them. I dont care who comes to this country as long as they are willing to make an effort, eg work, integrate, learn english etc, not fucking beg and steal at every opportunity. Those bastards are lucky i’m not running the show because they would ALL!!!!! be on the 1st plane outta here back to where they came from, or better still just burn em all. haha

  23. # Comment by coc Jul 19th, 2010 14:07

    Obviously I would never have noticed this thread if ubergruppenfuhrer Kenneth hadn’t seen fit to necropost, but now that I have, can I request that it be deleted? The OP was borderline enough but some of the maniacs who piled in afterwards wouldn’t look out of place on stormfront. Amusingly, some of them give lie to the poorly expressed point the OP was trying to make about the poor insulted Romanians.

    Free speech is grand and I’m all for it, but that’s what stormfront is there for. If Irish Election is going to provide a platform for Nazis then I for one have no interest reading it any more.

  24. # Comment by kenneth Jul 19th, 2010 18:07

    @ coc, it seems you are not for free speech at all since you got so offended by my comment and feel the need to have it deleted. Also I am not a Nazi or a xenophobe, just because i mentioned Hitler it does not mean i am. I just find it a little bit distasteful the way they operate over here and thats it, if they behave like that how do you expect people to see them? In a positive way? As mentioned above I have my reasons for not liking them. I think this country is becoming a free for all. But I guess the main reason for that is because of the spineless Liberal politicians that we elect, granted, we dont have a whole lot of choice in the matter. They are pissing away our way of life and our values in the name of multiculturalism, afraid do anything about such issues incase they upset some people’s liberal sensibilities. Well i say sod all that, we should do what is right and stop being seen as a soft touch. I’m not saying stop immigration, I know we have benefited greatly from it, i am just saying lets tighten control a little and weed out those who are of no benefit to Irish society, eg, those who beg and steal in irish towns and cities and who claim benefits when they are unwilling to get up and look for work. Lets be firm but fair, would you at least agree with that?Have a nice day.

  25. # Comment by coc Jul 20th, 2010 10:07

    Guten morgen herr ubergruppenfuhrer.

    1) I did not ask for your Nazi post to be deleted, but rather for the whole thread to be deleted. It ought have no place on any self respecting blog/forum.

    2) I find your claim that you are not a Nazi a little threadbare, to say the least.

    Gypsies are the scourge of Europe and are worse than cockroaches, Hitler should have finished the vermin off, unfortunatley he missed a few

    if i ever have an encounter like that with a gypsy again i will be up for murder because i will fucking kill one of them

    lucky i’m not running the show because they would ALL!!!!! be on the 1st plane outta here back to where they came from, or better still just burn em all. haha

    Who could possibly think you a Nazi after that?

    3) They are pissing away our way of life and our values in the name of multiculturalism

    What life and values are you on about? I read nothing in your short contributions that would lead me to think anything about your values are worth preserving.

    4) Lets be firm but fair

    An equal opportunities Nazi, how nice. I doubt you’d know fair if it bit you on the arse.

  26. # Comment by Anita Aug 14th, 2010 07:08

    I find it interesting how quick it is to point the finger at the immigrants for any trouble caused in Dublin.Lots were quick to judge immigrants for not working and ‘milking’ the social welfare system.Not one single Irish person in this thread mentioned the ‘junkies’ or Irish drug addicts that flood the streets of Dublin, doing nothing else all day but taking drugs, pissing at the corner of the streets and taking money from the social welfare.Personally I have seen way more of them than any other immigrants that have been mentioned here.Is it because they’re Irish?I have seen way too many chat shows willing to through the dirt on immigrants when will you stop blaming others and look at your own people first and what they do.How many shootings take place arround Dublin because of drug dealers???How many corrupt politicians?This country is in recession now…tell me how many thousands of euros have the Irish squandered…(most women on gel nails, fake tan and hair extensions!), investing in overseas property in Eastern Europe making it impossible for locals to buy any property,enjoying benefits from the European Union that hardly any other country has…and yet still the Irish are still quick to through the blame on immigrants when only up to a few years ago all the Irish did was to immigrate!!Isn’t it ironic?!

  27. # Comment by Sive Sep 6th, 2010 14:09

    I had 15 Roma gypsies living next door to me for FREE.The house was paid for by the welfare.It was hell on earth.screaming and shouting day and night then things started to disappear from my garden.We finally got the landlord to get them out.So i think they should all be put on a plane and sent back to eastern Europe where they all have houses.

  28. # Comment by kenneth Dec 14th, 2010 22:12

    @ Anita, You are right and i totally agree, we should burn all them also, they( drug dealers etc )serve no purpose in life but to harm others. They should be shot, the whole lot of them. The junkies should not be given any welfare, in fact no one who is found to be unwilling to look for work should be given nothing. Our welfare system is too generous and we need to sort it out. I have nothing against immigrants, my wife is one, but i do have a problem with people coming here for the sole purpose of claiming benefits, begging, stealing etc etc. Why do so many people get so pissed off when someone points out the fact that there are many people here for the wrong reasons? Anyone who says something is a nazi or racist etc, that is bullshit. Let the country be to those spineless liberal bastards and we will see in 20yrs time just how wonderful our county is, we are on the way to becoming another UK, which in my opinion is almost beyond repair.

  29. # Comment by Saidhbhe Dec 15th, 2010 19:12

    “coc, it seems you are not for free speech at all since you got so offended by my comment and feel the need to have it deleted”

    I would be inclined to agree with coc. You’re whole post is more so an example of hate speech than of free speech.

    “Hitler should have finished the vermin off, unfortunatley he missed a few and now they have spread like wild fire”

    What you’re referring to – namely the Holocaust – is one of the worst crimes that humanity ever committed as I hope you’re aware of.

    “…or better still just burn em all. haha”

    I wonder if you’re really surprised by the associations with Naziism this quotes elicit? Goebbels couldn’t have expressed it in a more accurate way:

    “Anyone who says something is a nazi or racist etc…”
    I’m sure current politics on immigrants and especially the Roma you seem to be so hateful towards (if i ever have an encounter like that with a gypsy again i will be up for murder because i will fucking kill one of them.) can be critically evaluated in a manner that is not hurtful to a minority and that doesn’t lead people to draw parallels to Nazi-Germany.
    Your utterances, however, lack a critical analysis but solely carry hatred.
    Isn’t it very surprising that the Irish were quite quick to forget their own history of domination? How they forget that they used to be objects of hatred in the same way experienced by the Roma today? Have a look at this link:

    Well, good luck!

  30. # Comment by Ana-Maria Feb 4th, 2011 15:02

    Hi All,

    I don;t know if you keep reading the new posts as this discussion took place last year. I am Romanian (not gipsy), we are in EU, I don’t have the right to work here, even if I work I don’t have the right to get a dole (though I pay my taxes), I don’t have the right to do anything, but Irish government helps gipsyes, gives them a house, some money for food. (this is the same in Romania, they could attend high educational systems for free, just to integrate them, but studying it’s not for them, they have better things to do)
    The law says that I would have the right to work up to 20 hours per week, but I have to study at least one year, full time/daytime course,(so how can I work if I have to study day time) with an NFQ level.
    So I thought that maybe I sould do a IATI course or a CAT course (for accounting technicians) for which I would pay at least 3000 euro, but guess what? If I choose to study these courses I don’t have the right to work, because they are not on the NFQ level.
    I don’t blame you, I shouldn’t be in your country anyway, but I just want to show that a Gipsy is entitled to social welfare and I am entitled to nothing (though I have a 3rd level degree, though I speak English, French), probably I will end up cleaning toilets in a posh pub. I would go back to Romania, but my boyfriend is here, he is highly skilled so he was welcomed.

    Just to make sure, I don’t blame Ireland for my problems, I blame the system and the gipsyes.

  31. # Comment by Antonescu Oct 22nd, 2011 06:10

    What a shame! From all the mess,all we got is frustration. Irish are frustrated because their country is being abused and milked dry,romanians because all they want is just a new life,a better life,and they’re willing to work hard for it and earn that comfort.If one day i’ll join an extremist party,it’ll be just because no one really wants to deal with these scums of society,the filty gypsies!As romanian,i condemn all the wrong doings made by gypsies,my life would have been a lot eassier if these gypsies would have been exterminated. Hitler made a big mistake,chassing the jews,they did nothing wrong to anyone,i like them and i feel sorry for their sufference. But for the gypsies,i couldn’t care less,actually i would be an activist,and all i hope,that another brilliant mind and genius will come forward anytime soon,we need such personality like Hitler,Antonescu,Mussolini. They would clean your society and restore order. Fascism,is a good thing,democracy..ccreates only chaos and confussion,you all try to be politically correct,not to upset anyone,and that’s a nice thought…but it doesn’t work,and look at what stage this society has come. We dont deserve this,to worry and struggle because we have to support the beggars and the gypsies. irish!Do not consider a gypsy for a romanian. Gentically we are different! We are better looking then them,smarter,honest and clean. They smell,they’re ugly and stupid,incapable of achieving anything…just inferior worthless species of life. Think this way when they try to fool you and asking for your money,and you’ll feel no compassion and no solidarity. HEIL HITLER,TRAIASCA ANTONESCU!

  32. # Comment by antonescu Oct 22nd, 2011 06:10

    nostalgic momments..those were the days…hope will see some more anytime soon. Imagine a world without gypsies….how nice would that be. There’s a plot i heard from an extremist group to inject them on the street…they become sterile and in a space of 2-3 years,they could die…woaw…that’s good news. HEIL HITLER!MOARTE TIGANILOR!TRAIASCA MARESALUL ANTONESCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. # Comment by antonescu Oct 27th, 2011 12:10
  34. # Comment by JESUS CHRIST Jan 5th, 2012 02:01

    Woaw…it was worth dying

  35. # Comment by deluze Dec 31st, 2013 00:12

    Not all Roma are bad, but all racists are shit