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Ireland ‘least violent country in Europe’

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I have been saying it here for a while now.

Ireland is the least violent country in Europe, according to a new study by the World Health Organisation. The research compared murder and assault rates across 27 European countries. It found that Finland has 1.96 killings per 100,000 people, while the Scottish rate is 1.75. In Ireland, the figure is 0.32, having dropped steadily over the last five years.

And here again is more international evidence that we are indeed a low violent crime country. But of course that research and evidence is totally wrong. We have massive crime, no one reports crime in Ireland where as in Europe every sinigle crime is reported. When people go into hospitals for gun shot wounds they say “Sure he slipped and fell on a bullet”.

Fine Gael know the truth.

“It is weekends like this which really hammer home how huge a problem violent crime is with the gangland-style shooting in Finglas this morning the third homicide in two days. 2006 saw the highest number of homicides in the history of the State and the question now arises: are we to just accept more of the same in 2007?

Of course we in Ireland don’t report murders or serious assault. People keep going on about the American government trying to keep the people scared. But the same thing is happening in this country. And many of the people who would complain about Bush doing it. Have no problem doing it themselves. And of course the World Health Organisation is infested with Fianna Failers.

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17 Responses to “Ireland ‘least violent country in Europe’”

  1. # Comment by Niall Jul 16th, 2007 14:07

    Stats don’t make sense. 2006 had the most homicides in Ireland ever recorded yet the WHO reports a steady decrease since 2002. Explain please.

  2. # Comment by Pavement Trauma Jul 16th, 2007 14:07

    The, at least partically, is that the statistic is for homicides per 100,000 people. We have more people now than we did in 2002.

  3. # Comment by simon Jul 16th, 2007 15:07

    That is what I would have said. Pavement. Since 2002 the population has gone up 8% Also remember the people immigrating here tend to be the demographics that cause crime in this country. Young Males without families. Also a lot of our population is also in that age bracket as well. So not only is our population rising normally it is also rising with the demographics that tend to be involved in crime. So the fact that violent crime is dropping says a lot about the country and the immigrants coming in.

  4. # Comment by Cian Jul 16th, 2007 15:07

    Village has done a good bit on this, of one their latest articles from last month…

  5. # Comment by soubresauts Jul 16th, 2007 16:07

    Simon, why do you say the WHO is “infested with Fianna Failers”? Do you have reasons for saying that, or just a hunch?

  6. # Comment by simon Jul 16th, 2007 16:07

    Simon, why do you say the WHO is “infested with Fianna Failers”? Do you have reasons for saying that, or just a hunch?


  7. # Comment by soubresauts Jul 16th, 2007 19:07

    Well, there are in fact signs of Fianna Fail influence in the WHO. Last year David Byrne’s name was touted as a possible new head of the WHO (

    And some of Micheal Martin’s friends exert extraordinary influence: see

  8. # Comment by Simon Jul 16th, 2007 20:07

    Oh god not that Fluoride crap again.

  9. # Comment by soubresauts Jul 17th, 2007 22:07

    Oh please, Simon. Do stop and think…

    Here’s some news you probably missed: See what Prof Vyvyan Howard of Coleraine, probably the most highly qualified toxicologist in Ireland, says about fluoridation:


  10. # Comment by Simon Jul 18th, 2007 10:07

    So are you saying the 100 odd top dental organisations in the world are all wrong? That their probable combined 100,000s of years of experience is wrong? That all the dentists in the world the vast majority of these who say that fluoridation of water is good are wrong?

    Anyway this has nothing to do with crime in Ireland.

  11. # Comment by soubresauts Jul 18th, 2007 11:07

    Simon, I’m afraid you’re out of touch with medical news and what the dental organizations are doing now. See

  12. # Comment by Simon Jul 18th, 2007 12:07

    The ADA which your link points too. Still advises the use of fluoridation of community water supplies.

    So are they right on the topic you posted but wrong otherwise?

  13. # Comment by soubresauts Jul 18th, 2007 20:07

    You can make up your own mind on that. The ADA tells parents not to use fluoridated water for their baby’s bottle. Most water supplies in Ireland are fluoridated, and nearly all Irish babies are bottle-fed. Fluoride is not a nutrient of any sort; it’s a poison. So, what’s to be done? Is it not a no-brainer?


    There may well be a connection with crime. For example, there is ongoing scientific controversy about the research described here:

  14. # Comment by justme Aug 27th, 2008 15:08

    What the hell? Ireland the least violent country? NOWAY!!! Who is that person who says that? Maybe another campaign from the Irish politicians to attract immigrants because of the narrow-minded locals who don’t know anything from the world outside? What the hell is this joke? Did you hear the news every weekend. Drunk fools and stab crime and fights in the streets?

  15. # Comment by simon Aug 27th, 2008 16:08

    “Did you hear the news every weekend”

    Exactly you are basing it on the News. Do you watch the news in other countries. Does the news in other countries report the news in exactly the same way, with exactly the same ratio of crimes per bulliten?

  16. # Comment by Danny Chohan, UK Feb 22nd, 2010 15:02

    I guess that is as long as your not a migrant or a person of colour! let alone if you want religious freedom there!!!!

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