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Stardust Survivor to Run in Dublin NC

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Stardust survivor Antoinette Keegan is set to run in Dublin North Central in protest at the lack of inquiry into what took place that evening.

“The Government has set up an independent examination to assess whether or not a new inquiry is warranted.However, the Stardust Victims Committee, for which Ms Keegan is a spokesperson, has rejected the terms of reference for the examination, saying they are too restrictive.”

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5 Responses to “Stardust Survivor to Run in Dublin NC”

  1. # Comment by mick Feb 27th, 2007 17:02

    Oh for the love of god. Are we going to have an expensive inquiry or tribunal into every incident since the foundation of the state. Perhaps we should we go all the way back and have an inquiry into the failure to properly distribute food in the famine, the dismal display of Irish military forces in the war with Cromwell, the breach of security that lead to the assassination of Brian Boru.

    Its history and the blood sucking lawyers have drained enough money out of my taxpayer’s pocket investigating events that happened 20+ years ago. There have been several investigations into the Stardust and are we to continue going in circles investigating the investigations of the investigations until some victims can latch on to someone to blame (and therefore sue as these things are always about more money).

  2. # Comment by Niall Feb 27th, 2007 18:02

    My own pet project involves setting up a peace and reconcilliation commission regarding the wars between the fir bolg, the formorians and the tuath de dannan.

    Though for Christ’s sake Mick, describing the victims’ relatives as some sort of ambulance chasing money grabbers is not fair. They may be looking for someone to blame, but I doubt that this is because they want a few quid. They may be misguided, it is difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one under the best of circumstances.

  3. # Comment by mollie malone Mar 2nd, 2007 13:03

    The 48 families of the Stardust tragedy and all those injured are entitled to know why all the evidence wasnt allowed to go forward to be judged in the Tribunal set up to find out the truth.
    It seems that the only way the families will reach the truth is that one of them couragous Christine Keegan who lost two sisters and was terribly injured herself has to endure going forward in the general election -demeaning this tragedy by calling it an incident is unspeakble. The RTE drama depicting the tragedy and all those involved in the making of that drama realise that the tribumal didnt do justice to the victims.
    Its simple enough, put yourself in the same place as the grieving families who know that justice wasnt done.

  4. # Comment by csirl Mar 27th, 2007 10:03

    No hope of getting elected – most of the Stardust victims were from Bonnybrook area which is not in DNC – is in DNE, so is she running in the wrong constituency?

  5. # Comment by Leopold May 26th, 2007 20:05

    The townland of Bonnybrook straddles the Santry River which forms part of the boundary between Dublin North Central and Dublin North East. I knew several people who died in the Stardust, from Artane to Sandymount, and it is facetious at the very least to suggest that this issue be limited by constituency boundaries or historical restitution.