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Brian Cowen Shows Up

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Brian Cowen emerged on Morning Ireland this morning, along the lines that he is supporting the Taoiseach. Circling the wagons in time for Tuesday.

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4 Responses to “Brian Cowen Shows Up”

  1. # Comment by Keith Sep 29th, 2006 11:09

    Sounded more to me like the Chairman of a football club coming out and saying “we’re 100% behind the manager”. Behind him holding the knife, that is.

  2. # Comment by tomcosgrave Sep 29th, 2006 14:09

    He certainly took his time, didn’t he?

  3. # Comment by The Column Sep 29th, 2006 19:09

    Did you see Cowan on the six one? He linked the Manchester money to Bertie’s marital problems. When Dobson ran it back to him, Cowan knew he had dug the hole deeper and looked away from the camera at someone looking on.

  4. # Comment by Wulfbeorn Sep 29th, 2006 20:09

    He also said that Bertie was “not incorrect” to take the Manchester money.