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Blaney and McDaid to go Head To Head

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As if confirmation was needed, Jim McDaid has confirmed the sense of betrayal felt by Donegal North East Fianna Fail over the return of the Blaney camp to the mothership.

Yesterday, Mr Blaney confirmed that he would merging his independent political group with Fianna Fáil, ending a 34-year split between the party and the Blaney family.

Mr McDaid confirmed afterwards that he would be putting his name forward as a candidate in response to the move, which he said had been handled in a “scurrilous” manner by Fianna Fáil.

So it looks like he wont be taking a year off after all, instead its back to the grindstone and pounding pavements. We now face the odd sight, at least nowadays, of three incumbent Fianna Fail TDs seeking re-election. Is it just me or does such math seem unlikely to bring about three happy Fianna Fail candidates? Of course if they can get elected once they can do it again but if the move to bring Blaney back under the FF banner has rankled so many folk then surely gaps in the vote open up.

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5 Responses to “Blaney and McDaid to go Head To Head”

  1. # Comment by simon Jul 27th, 2006 08:07

    I don’t know. But often rankling folks tend to be all in the one party. I would say this is bad news for sinn fein. BYW notice how quiet sinn fein have been of late.

  2. # Comment by Mick Fealty Jul 27th, 2006 12:07

    There’s an interesting discussion on this over on Slugger. The underlying problem is vote management. Let’s just see what support McDaid has inside the party.

  3. # Comment by simon Jul 28th, 2006 08:07

    I think one of the seating TD’s is going to lose a seat to a letterkenny hospideal canidate. Indeed mcdaid may still lose

  4. # Comment by Annraoí Blaney Nov 14th, 2006 23:11

    As a son of Neil T Blaney I strongly advise all those who supported my late father in the past not to support Fianna Fail in any shape or form.. What ever is being said of the new set up between IFF and FF. One thing is for sure, IF, and that is A BIG IF, If Neil T had organised a new set up he surely would not be filling out application forms for HQ to OK.. every member of IFF would be MERGED into Fianna Fail and he would definitely have had a public apology about the way he was treated.. Leaving all that behind, Neil T had serious principles when it came to europe and the federalisation of europe, he had strong principals in relation to our nuetrality ( look at the rapid response units O Dea is trying to get us to join) ( Look at the right wing agenda of Bertie and George W Bush and the use of our air space and airports to transport 100′s of thousands of soldiers fro Shannon to an illegal war in iraq)My father also had strong views on large business affecting the way we run our country, Just look at what Bertie is doing to the people of my mothers home town in Rossport.. Helping Shell do what it does all over the worl …trample on peoples rights….Setting the riot squad on them and then lableing them as violent protesters.. The deal done with shell was done by Ray Burke and Bertie, they gave away our gas. In 30/40 years from now we will wonder what did they get for that deal.. why is Bertie so set on pushing through such a dangerous pipeline against the wishes of the LOCAL PEOPLE… Fianna Fail with their dog the PD’s in toe and Mc Dowell`spouting fascist anti republican jibes at any one who does not support the govt line, is a group of people whom I am sure my late father Neil T Blaney could not and would not support. That party treated my family with contempt and if they think, just because they need the extra votes, that doing some deal with IFF will keep Neil Blaneys family quiet,they have another thing coming….Just look at the way they have treated their own people in donegal, half of them dont want a Blaney about the place and they are being ignored, maybe now those peole should realise why you cant trust the Fianna Fail party.. Or is it a CUNNING and DEVIOUS plan to wipe the name Blaney from Donegal politics…Thank you everyone for your support over the last 30 or so years, the fight carries on. DO NOT JOIN OR VOTE FIANNA FAIL….Annraoí Blaney Howth Co.Dublin. One thing is for sure fianna fail you will not be taking a third seat, that is and will always be the plan……..

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